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 House Of Chaos – Active Admin  ~ PvPvE ~ New Players Welcome. 

7DTD UK – Player Guide

Bonuses and Upgrades: There are many ways to level up faster in-game and via the rewards system. The workbench and many other items available. This Gives Both to the player and the server. Items Can be purchased via making a simple vote or through the available Addons and Base Pages. e.g Some Addons come with XP all and any purchases go towards funding and maintain the server – with XP you are able to advance skills like steel, concrete, bullet crafting or what ever you choose

Rewards: Through the voting system. Those showing respect within the chat auto obtain server status -We receive this data through logs and such players with a decent conduct will be class – Priority regarded by admin. Obtainable by all players!

Votes: You can obtain various different upgrades via the Vote Rewards System. type /rewards in-game to see shop items. Many Items in the shop are 300-600+ in quality.

ChaosCoins: Our in-game currency is another FREE Player Perk, your time in-game and kills are reward with this virtual coin. Using /Wallet to check your balance and /shop, /shop list to view the items on sale. Don’t be dead though, Death hurts your purse and is deducted from you balance.

~ Game Rules & Guide ~

Raider Scum Notice:  Bases should not be destroyed beyond what damage is needed for raid access! Plunder and pillage then move on scrubber!

To ensure the best game-play experience without admin intervention Please Note: the following –

Important: Admin server messages in game will be in colour. Players should pay attention to these at all times, If you fail to abide by the server rules, here or in-game then any loss of your base, skills, or other is possible and will be a result of your own doing.       

Server Admin: Running a game server is both tiring and stressful at times. Please respect those who make it possible for you to play and enjoy the game on their server.

Multiplayer Environment:  

Players ~ A common courtesy, is a good experience both for you and your interaction with others. Such status on the 7DTD (7 Dayst Ti Die) game servers is commonly noticed and appreciated by staff/personnel.

~ Server Admin ~  staff work hard at running, maintaining, updating, and interacting with multiple new personalities on a daily basis. They may also be dealing with all background logs and information to keep the gameplay smooth and secure.

This is done for all players to enjoy so please bare in mind any admin intervention on/or player assistance is at their own discretion,  thank you.

Game Abbreviations: –

Ξ BP-(BackPack) ∴ ZB- (Zombie){s} ∴ GP-(Gunpowder) ∴ SB-(Sleeping Bag)  ∴ SC General (Supply Crate) known to many as Airdrops Ξ

Common Reference Abv: –

Ξ Noobs – (New Player) ∴ Mats-(Materials) ∴ Hub-(ZeroCity) Common spawn point for new players at co-ordinates 0.0 or very near ∴ XP-(Experience/Skill Level) Ξ

Game Type: PvPvE – Player Vs Player Vs Enemies

You may play: in a team PvE Style or lone wolf. Enjoy PvP – killing other players? Sweet! It is the Apocalypse! No Tea and Biscuits with Mavis next door!! She’s Dead. why not stalk, hunt, track, raid and loot.

You are permitted: to Pussy Log when Zombie Pressure is on, Horde-Night-(BloodMoon). Please Note: “Combat Logging” is against the rules so don’t be seen as a PvIdiot when your caught red-handed. This action may result in your base or profile being reset/removed.

{Combat logging is where a player is being attacked and they logout.

 NO bases or claim blocks in POI’s – Points Of Interest.


For all players to enjoy:  POI throughout the worlds help enjoy, enhanced game-play experience when you loot plunder from these specialist containers found in the featured game stores and buildings throughout the maps.

Turning a POI – (Point Of Interest) – Into a base or placing a claim at one is beyond permitted boundaries. Zombies and Admin Detect this. POI and specialist game stores will on occasion be reset by Staff Admin. If you’ve based a POI and find your loot missing due to intervention. You will not be returned any items for violation of this simple rule.

Points Of Interest – ( POI ) Are game-buildings with lootable store chests, such as Hotels, Apartment Blocks, Pass n Gas, Banks, Police Stations, Stiffs Tools, CrackABook, Pop ‘n’ Pills, Shotgun Messiah, Shamways are all Large Signed Stores at their entrance. These are for all players and players are NOT permitted to make a Base in or to place a claim in or damage these buildings and the contents within.

Water Warning – The water area is off limits for building in, on or under! ONLY designated persons or admin are permitted. Players doing this will be removed from the server. If you need a bridge. See admin. VIP account Holders ONLY

Camping Backpacks.  – By preventing a player from returning to his backpack once looted is forbidden. You must move on!

Trader Stores! – Building in these areas are not allowed. This areas may be reset from time to time, If you build here or within the distance to see other players in the trader area This Base will be removed. You should be 0.4k away from them in any direction.

Roads. – Main Roads are for all players! So please don’t mass spike them or build any obstruction as this will be against other players and will result in Warning, Kick Or Ban.

Griefing & Abusive Chat.  –  Abusive messages using any in game chat,  signs or by any other means will not be tolerated. It will be instantly classed as griefing and you will be removed from the server!

Admin Queries.  –  Players at any time are not permitted to involve themselves in admin queries. Admin/Staff have enough to deal with, without interjection from others. you will be removed from the server!

Co-Ordinates. – You may ONLY give out the co-ords of your own bases, Its an offence to give the location in chat of a place your raiding. You will be warned or removed by the server.

Performance and Security –  Measures are taken to keep at maximum and old data is removed after 90 days of inactive player login. This may affect your player profile, any bases you have and map discovery. Expect to start a fresh if you return after 90 days.

Support – We always appreciate any support, it comes in various ways and does not have to be money, it could be voting or leaving comments on the vote page. Helping new and other players with your experience in chat, Playing within the rules and portraying a common courtesy within the game environment and public chat. Click Here

Voting – If you vote for the server you receive points to which you can buy items, These are random high quality products. Use the vote commands by typing /vote rewards. In the game chat window to browse the items on offer.

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