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Ingame Buildings ~ POI.

A Common Point of Interest with special lootables such as Caliper, Mining Tools and practically anything of use in-game. Hint – The quality of items in here can be much higher than the .players current skill level .
(Related Skill-Scavenging)

Active Admins - Server Guide

SERVER: Active Admins PvPvE New Players Welcome.  GAME  TYPE: PVPVE  

Important:  All server messages that are colour may not appear in this section but most definitely need to be read and respected at all times, If you fail to abide by the rules, laid out here or in-game then any loss of base, skills, or other will be a result of your own doing.

You may Loot, Raid bases but not destroy the items in the base or any of its structure beyond raid access! Then you must move on!

You may raid and kill other players themselves PVP – However, If you repeatedly kill a player preventing them from retrieving any remaining loot, then a warning will be issued by active admin staff.  

You may NOT make bases at, OR place a claim block in POI -Points Of Interest.

Some POI Example: Hotels, Apartment Blocks, Garages- Pass n Gas, Police Stations, Working Stiffs Tools and all other stores nor are you permitted to damage these buildings and the lootable chests within them. Warnings are kick/Ban.

Performance Warning: The water area is off limits for building in, on or under! ONLY designated admin are permitted – Any general players doing this will be removed from the server.

Camping Backpacks.  – By preventing a player from returning to his backpack once looted is forbidden. You must move on!

Bases at Trader areas are not allowed. This areas may be reset from time to time, If you build here or within the distance to see other players in the trader area This Base will be removed.

Roads are for all players! So please dont mass spike them or build any obstruction as this will be against other players and will result in Warning, Kick Or Ban.

Griefing & Abusive Chat.  –  Abusive messages using any in game chat,  signs or by any other means will not be tolerated. It will be instantly classed as griefing and you will be removed from the server!

Admin Queries.  –  Players at any time are not permitted to involve themselves in admin queries. We have enough to deal with, without interjection from others. you will be removed from the server!

Unclaimed bases.   If you find an old base and the claims are dead. You can loot to your hearts content but are not permitted to take the base. 

Co-Ordinates. – Your may ONLY give out the co-ords of your own bases, Its an offence to give the location in chat of a place your raiding. You will be warned or removed by the server admin.

Performance and Security.   Measures are taken to keep at maximum and old data is removed after 90 days of inactive player login. This may affect your player profile, any bases you have and map discovery. Expect to start a fresh if you return after 90 days.

Trader Joels Store

Hint: Some items sold are only available within the trader stores.

The Trader Store – Commonly found throughout the game map but some are many miles apart.

The Trader Store

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