Display Screen – Graphics and Video Settings  


GFX Display Screen

Display Screen Graphics Settings 

 Hovering over any word at the interface will also give you hints on functionality and impact.

Fullscreen: Run the game in fullscreen or windowed mode.

Performance Impact: Medium
Windowed mode will have a negative impact on performance in most operating systems.

Vertical Synchronization: Prevents screen tearing by synchronizing the game and the monitors refresh rate.
Performance Impact: Low
This option caps the FPS of the game to the FPS for your monitor – ( Recommended on Mid-Low Cards )

Anti- Aliasing: Removes jagged edges from objects.
Performance Impact: Medium
I would only recommend using this options on a higher-end card.

Texture Quality: Saves video memory and performance by setting the texture resolution.
Performance Impact: Medium

Reflection Quality: How clear reflections are. Provides more realistic lighting.
Performance Impact: Very High
 This feature still needs to be optimized better.

Reflected Shadows: Shadows are processed and displayed inside reflections.
Performance Impact: High

Water Quality: Layers and effects occurring on surface of water planes.
Performance Impact: Low
Low quality water is very dark and difficult to see through.

Gamma: How bright the game is.
Performance Impact: Low

View Distance/Anti Ostropic Filtering: How far the world can be viewed.
Performance Impact: High

Field of View: How wide your view angle is.
Performance Impact: Low
Higher settings can cause a “fisheye” look with curving at the outer edges of the screen.

Level of Detail: The overall maximum level of detail at which the world is displayed. As you move further away from an object, it switches quality to a lower version of the mesh.
Performance Impact: High
Lower settings decrease quality of distanced textures, however this improves performance.

Shadow Distance: Quality and distance of object shadows.
Performance Impact: High
For performance on most mid/low-range cards, this feature should be turned off.

Tree Quality: Overall quality of the trees based on how far away they are.
Performance Impact:
Any lower setting than high, cause distant trees to render as stick poles, closer ranges then form the tree detail. (possible def – LOD for trees)

Grass Distance: The maximum distance at which you can see grass.
Performance Impact: Medium

Motion Blur: Quality level of motion blur (more pixel samples & smoothing). Setting this too high can become irritating ingame
Performance Impact: High

UI Background Opacity: UI wallpaper / background opacity / transparency.
Performance Impact: Very Low

UI Foreground Opacity: UI outlines and text opacity / transparency.
Performance Impact: Very Low

SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion): Use the image effect SSAO which draws more detailed shadows on objects.
Performance Impact: Medium

DOF (Depth of Field): Distant objects get blurred.
Performance impact: Medium
Lowering the LOD setting will assist on performance. A Higher LOD setting will impact on performance.

Sun Shafts: Shines rays of light from the sun Similar to camera/movie lense effect.
Performance Impact: MediumH