• Removeitem
    From a secureChest. So now is possible use managers to able players sell item to server. The player puts the items inside the chest, get above it, and give the command. The items inside the chest disappear and it is listed on log with name, quality, stack, how much it is used(broken status)


    9) GiveXP
    Gives base experience to a player

    10) GiveXPSkill
    Gives experience to on a player`s skill

    11) ListPlayerSkill
    List players Skills. (Athletics, Health Nut, Scavenging, …)

    12) ListPlayersBuff (not working 100% – working on fix)
    List players Buffs (like broken leg, warm …)

    13) MakeOwner
    Set an owner to a secureLoot or SecureDoor

    14) Safe
    Set some area as unbreakable (like a trader)

    15) SetPlayerStatus
    Define ZombieKills and PlayerKills to players.

    16) TeleportEntity
    Teleport and rotate entity like Minibike, Trader and Zombie.

    17) AddItemLoot
    Add an Item to a secureChest that is under the entity_id.

    Now the cool really stuff
    18) prender
    Now is possible to render a prefab from file on folder …\Data\Prefabs\ direclty on dedicated server…

    19) pblock
    Place area of blocks. Now you can create a big wall in seconds or plane a mountain in seconds.
    You can place Air to remove big areas…

    20) pdup
    You can duplicate an area to another place. So is possible to move a base or arena or anything to other place on server.

    21) pundo
    Undo the prefab command. Is possible to undo prende, pblock and pdup

    22) setpundosize
    Define how many pundo history the server will store.

    23) pexport
    Now is possible to export a cool base to prefab file. The file is placed on …\Data\Prefabs\ so its possible to save arena, bases in files to edit in some editor and than import back using prender.

    24) prepblock
    Replace blocks from an area with new blocks.
    You can place Air to remove big areas…

    25) pcheck
    Check the type of a block, to be used on prepblock

    26) pug
    PlayerUnderground – check if a player is “flying” underground with noclip.


Now its possible to drop item with predefined used atribute, so you can drop a broken item. It good to be used together with remitem feature.

Show how hight a player is from the ground. To try catch hackers that are flying around.

Is possible the remove bugged minibikes, entity cars (spwaned accidently), zombies.
When used on zombie, it just vanish without leaving gore on floor.

Its same as showinventory, but it shows used attribute too.

now you dont need to go away and come back, it make a chuck reload. So it unlock everything in front of your eye.

Drop an item at a position x, y, z

Gives base experience to a player

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