Server Hacking Rules

Your responsibility: Your service maybe terminated for any number of rule-breaking reasons, it is your priority and responsibility to remove friends/contacts in violation of VPN/Hacks/Exploits or any other destructive methods to deface Security and Data of any Users connected to any violations or terminated accounts If you have done this in error or suspect then inform us immediately and we will remind you that you agree to stick by the said server rules, or you will be redirected to the server list.

Bans: If your Profile is terminated for any reason, it is your responsibility to remove any harmful contacts/friends from your list. We will display images, links and/or text of our choice within our activity monitoring to Valve & Steam Admin GBL, EAC with accounts in the user has been banned

Content Verification Expectations: Content is verified entering the server the database registers your data with a series of automated and/or manual processes. We update our files (Admin only) when activity alerts us that changes have been made or clients/users submit issues about existing Issue. We check several times a day.

Permitted Use of the Server: You may use the Server solely for your own personal user and in strict compliance with these Terms of Service laid out by all factors including Steam/Valve and any Titled Software/Game you use with the corresponding producer/distributor.

Registration and Passwords: In order to use the Server you must agree to the Rules . All information about you must be truthful, and you may not use any aliases or other means to mask your true identity. You are responsible for the security of your password and will be solely liable for any use or unauthorized use under such password. We will presume that all activity under a user name and password is being conducted by you. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your user name and password, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately which will be placed on our list and it will receive Scrutinized data mining  communications by our staff including our SM -Console Output -Data logs -Admin Map – Monitoring Connections and other any other information and areas related to our business security and that of other players/users or servers.

You may not refute at any time the information following the data found in the alert messages, logs, monitor, console, admin map from the alerts admin receive in regards to the Security & Privacy of the server and clients/users or its process, software or hardware.

All fees for the Service are paid for by its owners and supporting users. This is why it is essential you become familiar with and you are to stick by the rules laid out, both here and in-game.

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