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Monthly VIP Supporters

We Also Give You a prebuilt base and A BloodMoon BattleBridge. OR BaseStock


BaseStock Comes with 3hrs in GodMode


Built By Admin In-Game Designer.


Including Backup and export, Can be Moved anywhere on the Map 4x per year.


We even give you the files to save locally for your single player game or even added to another server you play on.

Did You Know!

 Random donates, have helped in 6 Years Running of Active admin servers which we always pay. Its your amazing support that’s been received over the years that have helped us massively along the way. Thank you Everyone!


Hire Admin To Dig your Pit Request Your Own list Of Items, Choose other options below. 

To A Truly Valued Community. for helping us with Upkeep & Support.

We dearly appreciate any help and thank You to All! 💖

You Can Also Make a One Time Donation and get any off the following Packs.

Please include this request in the notes section when making a donation. All proceeds got towards players support server upkeep and maintenance, thank you. 

Barter Pack

Name Your Items & Price. or Hire Admin to do your work  £4-35 Min/Max.

Player Requested Packs or Hire Admin as slave & Builder


Flawless Sniper with 3000 Bullets

50x Meat Stew

50x Golden Rod Tea

50x Repair Kit

 50x First Aid

 50x Oil

50x Miso

50x Pasta

~ Plus ~

1 Yr  VIP  Reserved Slot

5% Chaos/Zcoin Bonus


£10.00 header logo

Defence Attack

 8 Blade Traps

4 Dart Traps

4 Auto Turrets

4 Shotgun Turrets

+6000 Ammo


~ Plus ~

 90 Skill XP Boost

Chaos/z Coin Bonus

VIP 1 yr Reserve Slot

Gold VIP £10

Base Protection

Restoration x 1

Reserved Slot

Ping & Auto-Ban Immunity

Level 500 Mining Tools & Armour

3 Machines.

2 x 500 Iron tools

1 x stack of Clay And Iron

~ Plus ~

 60 skill XP Boost

15% Chaos/z Coin Bonus

Vip 1 Yr Reserve Slot

Platinum VIP £15

Base Protection

Restoration Import

Reserved Slot

Ping & Auto-Ban Immunity

All Flawless Mining Tools

All Flawless Armour Of Choice

Forge + Tools – WorkBench  -Mixer-ChemStation


2 x stack of Clay & Iron

~ Plus ~

 90 Skill XP Boost

Chaos/z Coin Bonus

VIP 1 yr Reserve Slot

Power Pack

~ £10.47 ~


– One Only Per Player Offer

24 gas Can

12  Flawless Engine

12  Flawless Batterie

6  Solar Panel

1  Solar Bank

24 Relay

12 Timer Relay

4 Switch 

~ Plus ~

Chaos/z Coin Bonus
1 yr Reserve Slot

~ £10.47 ~


Builder Combo Pack + Platinum

4000 Rebar Frames
400,000 x
Concrete Mix
40,000 x
Forged Steel

£20 For New Users Inc Platinum  VIP Pack

£10.47 Other Wise 

Other Ways To Support The Server & Get VIP Status.


‘Whilst donations are appreciated, we understand not everyone can help in this manner and for this reason we have added’

The VIP Interaction and Exposure Support Pack.

For users who carry out a set amount of interactions that help us grow and in turn are rewarded, they include.

  • Votes: Reach 10 Votes and save the server as a favourite – Click Here
  • Share The Server with your friends and to your social media pages. Notify Admin with your link
  • Follow Us & Comment On Videos At our YouTube channel – Click Here
  • Write a review about our server and rate us – Click Here

Each completed section will get you VIP status, Reserved Slot, Ping Immunity for a month. Multiple Actions will increase your months too.

Yearly VIP Bonus: Complete All With 4x shares, 4 Likes/Dislikes & comments on videos and 1 additional trustpilot review