7DTD ~ Hints & Help

  • Drop mining
    Digging down deep, carving out a shape and then mining away all the bottom level to make to top ground fall, is called Drop-Mining. In small chunks (We done a max test at 12x12x23 block area and it was comfortable, above this caused lag) If you intentionally try to drop massive areas beyond this. You will gain full admin attention and any detected abuse will result in a lifetime ban

Harvest-Crop & (Bug Solution)
When farming in Alpha (16.4) a problem is caused with crops being planted next to each other. Planting them is fine, but on harvesting them, the whole game will slow down to a state of lag, making it impossible to play. The game developers plant their crops &  blueberry/corn/potato-fields etc, in plots in cities)

  • They leave one row of nothing between each row of crops! Follow this way to prevent the bug.
  • You actually make the planting easy with a row of path between crop lines, very fast to lay or harvest using this method.